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X-RAD Options & Accessories

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Dose Measurement & Control


TouchRAD Operator Interface with Dose Measurement & Control option.
Part No. XD1609-0000
Available for X-RAD 320, XL and iR systems.

The Dose Measurement & Control option allows users to specify the actual dose (cGy) to be delivered at a known distance and terminate the exposure when the dose has been reached. Measurement of relative dose is accomplished using a parallel plate transmission chamber so it can measure both the dose rate and cumulative dose in filtered and unfiltered beams.

Motorized Shelf with Integrated Turntable


Motorized Shelf with Integrated Turntable. 
Part No. XD1602-1102

Available for X-RAD 320, XL & iR models

Motorized Shelf with Integrated Turntable and Programmable option.
Part No. XD1602-2203

Available for all X-RAD models

The key activated specimen/sample shelf allows the user to quickly set up the source to shelf distance (SSD) and clearly displaying it by the built in SSD indicator. The turntable shelf is 50 cm in diameter and features beam coverage indicators for select SSD’s. Turntable rotation is operator adjustable from 0 to 8rpm and has a weight capacity of 50lbs.

Programmable Motorized Shelf with Integrated Turntable

The programmable specimen/sample shelf is similar in configuration to the key operated motorized shelf but has the additional feature of being able to program height (SSD) through the TouchRAD control. When the height (SSD) is programmed together with the irradiation parameters, recalling them will set the SSD together with either kV, mA, and time, or dose if the Dose Measurement & Control option has been added to the TouchRAD operator interface.

Variable Collimator


Variable Collimator. Part No. XD1601-0000
Available for all X-RAD 320, XL and iR models


Variable Collimator. Part No XD3601-0000
Available for all X-RAD SmART models

Variable (adjustable collimators) are available for all X-RAD systems.

The collimators feature motorized four (4) leaf beam blockers in the X and Y directions that allow the user to quickly define a rectangular or square exposure field from 0.5 x 0.5cm to 20 x 20cm at a source to shelf distance (SSD) of 50cm and larger as the SSD is increased. A precision collimated light field illuminates the area of radiation coverage to allow exact specimen placement.

Precision Beam Collimators


Precision Beam Collimator for SmART models


Precision Beam Collimator for X-RAD 320, XL, and IR models

Precision X-ray Beam Collimators are available for all X-Rad systems. For the X-RAD 320, XL and iR systems they are calibrated at 50cm source to specimen shelf distance to give a circular beam coverage of:

1cm Part No. XD1960-0101
3cm Part No. XD1960-0103
5cm Part No. XD1960-0105
7cm Part No. XD1960-0107
9cm Part No. XD1960-0109
15cm Part No. XD1960-0115
2cm Part No. XD1960-0102
4cm Part No. XD1960-0104
6cm Part No. XD1960-0106
8cm Part No. XD1960-0108
10cm Part No. XD960-0110

For the X-Rad SmART precision x-ray beam collimators are available with the following beam coverage sizes.

1mm Part No. XD3500-0010
2.5mm Part No. XD3500-0025
3.5mm Part No. XD3500-0035
5mm Part No. XD3500-0050
8mm Part No. XD3500-0080
10mm Part No. XD3500-0100
15mm Part No. XD3500-0150
20mm Part No. XD3500-0200
25mm Part No. XD3500-0250
10 x 10mm Part No. XD3500-1010
20 x 20mm Part No. XD3500-2020
40 x 40mm Part No. XD3500-4040

10 x 30mm Part No. XD3500-1030
30 x 40mm Part No. XD3500-3040

Planetary Turntable


Planetary Turntable for 36 mice. Part No. XD1905-3036
Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models

Designed for use with either the motorized or programmable shelf the planetary turntable trebles the number of small animals that can be irradiated when performing whole body irradiation. Capable of holding and rotating three pie cages holding twelve (12) mice in each for a total of thirty-six (36) mice.

Specimen/Sample Turntable


Specimen/Sample Turntable. Shown with 12” Turntable Part No. XD1905-2312 and the PXi Autoclavable Pie Cage Part No. 1906-1000

Part No. Based on X-RAD Model

For systems without a motorized or programmable shelf a stand-alone turntable is available with a sturdy 30cm platter that rotates up to 2rpm. Part numbers vary based on X-RAD Model

Remote Service Diagnostics and Software Update

Additional services available with this update include current software updates and new or refresher training sessions for standard users. 

Remote Service Diagnostics Software.
Part No. XD5020-1354
Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models

Available as an option, either at time of sale, or as a retrofit, this update grants the PXI Service Team remote access to the X-RAD for troubleshooting and to identify operational issues which, in many cases, can be resolved the very same day without the need to schedule a service visit. However, should a site visit still be required following the remote session, our Service Engineer will have already completed much of the evaluation process that is normally performed on-site thereby allowing him to arrive more informed, with the correct replacement parts all of which will greatly reduce the down time of the system and the overall duration of the visit.

Dose Measurement & Confirmation


External Dose. Part No. XD1610-0100
Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models

To allow the X-RAD user to measure and confirm dose, Precision X-Ray offers fully calibrated, lightweight, compact and easy to use UNIDOS E Dosimeters. Used in conjunction with a Farmer Chamber the UNIDOS E, supplied by Precision X-Ray, is set up to measure preclinical dose values used in research associated with all X-RAD irradiators. The large high contrast LC display give dose measurement in Gy, R, Gy/min, or R/min.

H²0 Container for Depth Dose Measurement


H²0 Container for Depth Dose Measurement. Part No. XD1610-0100
Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models

The water container enables the user to perform dosimetry measurements in water including output factors, PDD dose calculations, annual (TG51), and routine QA. Specifically designed for use with the PTW TN3001 farmer chamber in depths from 0 to 5cm of water.

Beam Conditioning Filters


Beam Conditioning Filters. Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models 

F1 Filter, 2mm AL. Part No. XD1703-0001.
Standard with all X-RAD 320, 225 and 160 models.
F2 Filter, 1.5mm AL, 0.25mm Cu, 0.75mm Sn. Part No. XD1703-0002.
Standard with all X-RAD 320 models.
F3 Filter, 0.3mm Cu. Part No., XD1703-0003.
Standard with all X-RAD 225 and 160 models.

Additional X-ray beam conditioning filters are available in standard or custom composition for specific HVL or Radiation Quality requirements.

Laser Center Finder


Laser Center Finder. Part No. XD1970-0150
Available for all X-RAD and X-RAD SmART models

Laser center finders are available for all X-RAD systems where the researcher has an interest in targeted irradiations or needs to know the exact center of the radiation field.

Environmental Chamber


Environmental Chamber. Part No. XD1608-0000
Available for all X-RAD models

The ECX 1000 is designed to be used with the X-RAD irradiator when it is required to introduce and control gases in an environmental chamber. Features include;

  • 0xygen controller & sensor.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Two sensor ports.
  • Circulation fan.
  • Gas inlet.
  • Pullout sliding shelves.
  • Humidification tray.

As an additional option to the ECX 1000 the environmental chamber temperature can be controlled by thermostatic adjustment of electrically heated floor/base.

Irradiator Chamber Heater

Irradiator Chamber Heater. Part numbers vary based on X-RAD model
Available for all X-RAD models

The irradiation chamber can be temperature adjusted with a compact thermostatically controlled ceramic heating unit. With this heater temperatures up to 35° C can be maintained.