Imaging Module for Optical Molecular and X-ray Image Guided Radiation Therapy Research


Available either as an option or upgrade, the OptiMAX IGRT imaging module is designed to fit into the irradiation chambers of the X-RAD 320/350 and all XL cabinets.

The OptiMAX IGRT system provides researchers with the only high energy irradiation system that will perform both optical and X-ray imaging of their cells, tissues or animals for pre-treatment image guided localization of target tissues and for post treatment diagnostics of results at a molecular and functional level.

The highly cooled CCD based system allows the researcher to image the animals in X-ray mode and optical mode then overlay the images in a precise fashion to allow excellent co-registration of luminescent tumors or target tissues on an X-ray background of the animal.

The OptiMAX imaging system can also be used to provide precise localization and documentation of high energy collimated dose fields without ever moving the animal between imaging modalities or radiation treatment protocols.

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