X-RAD 400/450 Series

Biological Irradiator

Precision X-Ray, PXi, precise radiation dosage to larger or more dense specimens in a biological research laboratory


The X-RAD 400/450 is a self-contained X-ray system for delivering a precise radiation dosage to larger or more dense specimens in a biological or materials research laboratory.

The shielded cabinet includes an Adjustable Specimen Shelf, Beam Hardening Filter and Collimation Holder.

The TouchRAD Control Panel is a multi-user, password protected touch screen interface with a transportable database that can track individual system usage.

Passwords, programmed exposure settings, and database management are controlled by a super-user.

The X-RAD 400/450 is available in a choice of either a 400kV x-ray tube with a highly homogenic beam or conventional high output 450kV dual focus x-ray tube


  • Automatic warm-up with Intelligent Tube Conditioning
  • Proven long-term reliability of system components


Cabinet Features
Adjustable Sample Shelf: 20cm to 100cm SSD
Interchangeable Beam Conditioning Filters, (2) supplied
User Entry Port to introduce small tubing and cables into chamber area
Complies with Domestic and International Regulations for safety of cabinet X-ray systems

Cabinet Size and Weight
Overall Dimensions: 83”(210cm)H x 50”(125cm)W x 32”(85cm)D
Irradiation Chamber: 40”(100cm)H x 46”(115cm)W x 28”(71cm)D
Weight: 8,000 lbs (3650 kg)

Power Requirement
1N PE 230 VAC ±5%, or 3N 230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 12.5 KVA

High Voltage Generator
Maximum Output Voltage: 450 kV
Maximum mA: 45

X-ray Tube
Maximum Potential: 400 or 450 KV(dependent on x-ray tube)
Maximum Power: 4500 W
Type: Metal Ceramic, Fixed Anode, Oil Cooled
Focal Spot (EN12543): 400 kV, d=7 mm

450 kV (Dual), d=2.5mm & d=5.5 mm

Dose Output
>4Gy/min at 50cm SSD (HVL=4mm Cu)

Operators Control
KV Setting & Display Accuracy: 5KV – 450 KV in 0.1 KV increments
mA Setting & Display Accuracy: 0.5mA to 45 mA in 0.01 mA increments
Settings Accuracy: < 1%
Exposure Timer: 1-9999 seconds
Programmable Settings: >1,000 locations to recall exposure parameters
Password Protected User Accounts (> 1000 users)
Ability to assign users access to only specific programs.
Excel® Database transportable via USB Flash memory