Versatile, Fully Integrated X-ray Irradiation Systems

MultiRad is a series of compact, fully-integrated x-ray irradiation systems that are smaller, simpler, safer alternatives to radioisotope irradiators. Featuring 160kV, 225kV and 350kV energy ranges with Automated Dose QA, the MultiRad series was designed to deliver the highest dose with the most uniform beam profile while requiring the least amount of physics support. It is ideal for cells and small animals, as well as a broad range of industrial applications.


  • Easy to use with an intuitive touch-screen control panel and no requirements for extensive training or additional x-ray shielding.
  • Fully integrated system including closed-loop cooling system and a dosimeter with advanced Automatic Dose Control (ADC) for exact dose setting
  • Secure system requiring a password login
  • Cost effective and free of costly licensing, security and source maintenance fees, which provides a much lower cost of ownership than competitive products
  • Remote diagnostics and support from product specialists who put you and your research first