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Adjustable Collimator

The Adjustable Collimator is a motorized 4 leaf X-ray field diaphragm that allows users to quickly define a rectangular or square exposure field from less than 1 x 1cm to 20 x 20cm at a source to specimen shelf distance (SSD) of 50cm and larger as the SSD is increased. A highly accurate coincidental light field illuminates the irradiation field for precise sample placement.


  • 2 separate switches for control of X Y shutters
  • ON/OFF light field switch • Dimensions: 11.5cm H x 26.5 W x 26.5 D
  • Weight 25Ibs
  • Side mounted lifting handles
  • Removable when not in use

Beam Conditioning Filter

Additional X-Ray beam filters can be configured for specific HVL or Radiation Quality requirements.

Custom Cabinets, Rooms, Imaging Systems & Manipulators

Precision X-ray custom manufactures cabinets and systems for specialized applications including CT imaging, Image Guided Irradiation, and free standing rooms. Contact our Sales Department for further information.

Chamber Heater

The chamber of the X-RAD system can be heated with an optional, compact, thermostatically controlled ceramic heating system. With this system temperatures up to 35°C can be achieved.

Dose Measurement

UNIDOS® E Dosemeter


  • Features high accuracy and excellent resolution (1fA) & wide dynamic measuring ranges
  • HV power supply (0? ± 400) V in increments of ± 50V
  • Measures integrated dose (or change) and dose rate (or current) simultaneously
  • RS232 interface for device control and data output
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements for field class dosemeters.

The lightweight and compact UNIDOS E is ideally for acceptance tests and routine measurements of x-ray irradiators. It measures dose, dose rate, dose length product, charge and current. The display units are Gy, Gy/min, R, R/min.

The UNIDOS E is supplied with a waterproof Farmer chamber for measuring high energy photon and electron radiation in water. The nominal photon energy is from 30KV to 50MV, the electron energy range is from 10MeV to 45MeV.

The chamber is supplied with a 1 meter cable and a calibration certificate.

Dose Measurement & Control

The Dose Measurement & Control option allows users to specify the actual dose (in cGy) to be delivered at a known distance, and terminate the exposure when the dose has been reached. Measurement of relative dose is accomplished using a PTW 7862 parallel plate transmission chamber positioned so it can measure both an unfiltered beam, or filtered, if a beam hardening filter has been inserted into the filter holder.

A Health Physicist may calibrate specific beam qualities to limit user error.

Environmental Chamber

The ECX1000 environmental chamber is designed to be used with the X-RAD iR-160/225 and 320/350 irradiation systems where gases are required to be introduced or temperature levels

controlled in a sealed area.


  1. The chamber is constructed of 5mm polycarbonate with opaque side sides and base.
  2. The chamber features a clear hinged top with two sealable vents that allow convection heat to escape when open and a clear hinged front panel for specimen loading and fast “dumping” of gas.  
  3. Two correlated flow meters with standard valves are mounted to the chamber for O₂ and CO₂ gasses.
  4. Additional hose barbs are provided for supplementary gasses.
  5. Dimensions: 15cm H x 38cm W x 38cm D.
  6. Weight: 10.5lbs (Side mounted lifting handles)




As an additional option to the ECX1000 environmental chamber temperature can be controlled via a convection heat transfer system. An external pump cycles thermally heated water through the convection coils located under the floor of the chamber allowing specimens to remain warmed while other gasses are introduced to the chamber.


  1. Heat pump external to the X-RAD cabinet.
  2. Cooling can be achieved by adding ice to the water reservoir.

Fixed Beam Collimators

Standard or customized fixed orifice collimators can be provided that precisly define the irradiation field. Standard sizes range from less than 0.5 cm diameter to 30cm diameter, and specialized shapes are available spinal or cranial irradiation.

Motorized Shelf

This key activated specimen shelf allows users to quickly set up exposures without the need for manually moving a shelf or placing buildup media underneath. This option replaces the fixed height specimen shelf inside the X-RAD320 Cabinet. An FSD indicator clearly identifies the table height for exact and repeatable treatment distances.

Mouse Fixtures & Shields

Pie Cages for Total Body Irradiaion and Shielded Restraining Fixtures for Partial Body Irradiation are available. Lead shields for mouse restraints are manufactured for numerous applications including flank, spine, abdomen, or head exposure. Customized shielding and fixtures are easily manufactured. 

Multi-user Interface

The TouchRAD Operators Control Console is a password protected graphical user interface that limits each user to their assigned rights of system operation. All exposure parameters can be recalled or stored based on a users granted rights, and a transportable database allows each user’s operating history to be reviewed for billing or time studies. Each user is assigned a login name and password and granted specific access rights by the facility super-user(s).


  • Integrated Dose Measurement & Control
  • Floor stand
  • Integrated Shelf Height Control  



Nanovista offers a range of imaging agents, which have been developed using a nano-sized liposome platform for cellular and preclinical use. These macromolecular nanoparticle agents can be employed for a variety of in vivo imaging applications.


Pie Cage

Precision X-ray’s circular mouse pie cages hold 11 mice and are designed for whole body irradiation. The notched ventilated lid can be dialed to any of the ventilated pie shaped chambers for insertion or removal of the mice.

Diameter: 21.5cm

Height: 7.5cm

Chamber size: 5cm (base) and 9cm (length)

Specimen Turntable

This motorized unit has a sturdy 290 cm platter rotating at

4 rpm to more uniformly irradiate specimens. 120/240 VAC.

X-Ray Tubes

• PXI offers X-ray tubes at competitive prices.
• We also maintain an in house X-ray tube repair station and will evaluate at no charge if repair or replacement is completed by PXI.
• Loaner tubes are available on a limited basis.

X-Ray Tube Yokes & Accessories

• PXI manufactures high quality X-ray tube yokes with Teflon bearing surfaces and locking mechanisms for Comet 160 and Comet/Varian 320/350 X-ray tubes.
• PXI also manufactures beam shutters, laser centering devices, and beam collimators to exacting standards of quality. Call for more information.

HT Cables

PXI maintains a large inventory of HT cables. R24 terminations are available for immediate shipment and at discount prices.
Re-termination of damaged HT cables and loaner program are also available.

HT Cable Flanges

PXI maintains an inventory of cable flanges/sleeves and flanges designed to fit both Comet and Varian X-ray tubes. Call for more information.

Refurbished Equipment

PXI does have inventory of refurbished X-ray units available on a first come, first serve basis. Call for current inventory and prices.