X-RAD 160 qube

Biological Irradiator

Precision X-Ray, PXi, X-Rad iR 60, compact cabinet X-ray irradiator designed for superficial irradiation studies


Precision X-Ray’s X-RAD160 qube is a compact benchtop irradiator for cell and tissue irradiation that can be installed directly in to the research laboratory.

Suitable for either mounting on the lab bench or mobile on the optional lockable wheeled cart, it allows irradiation procedures to be performed in the sterile environment of the lab.

The 160 qube is extremely simple to operate with the TouchRAD touchscreen control and requires no specialized x-ray training or knowledge.


  • Self shielded
  • Individual password login
  • Touchscreen control
  • Programmable
  • Automatic x-ray tube warm-up
  • Dose measurement and control
  • 110/220VAC operation
  • Remote diagnostic and software update


  • kV range                 10 – 160kV in 0.1 increments
  • Tube current            0.1 – 8 mA in 0.1 increments
  • Max power               800W
  • Focal spot                1.5mm
  • Inherent filtration      1.0mm Al & 0.8mm Be
  • Beam angle              40°
  • Exposure time         1 – 9999seconds in 1 sec increments
  • Power requirements 100 – 230VAC ± 10%, 50 – 60Hz
  • Cooling                     Built in closed loop
  • Specimen turntable   2rpm
  • External dimensions  30”(77)H x 28”(74)W x 21” D(53cm)
  • Internal dimensions   13”(34)H x 14”(37)W x 14”(37cm)D
  • Weight                       480lbs (218kg)

Related Options & Accessories

Available Options:

  • Mobile cart with lockable wheels
  • 24” cabinet extension giving additional interior height of 37”