Cabinet Irradiators

Small Animal IGRT Platforms

  • X-RAD SmART PXI North Branford, CT


    The X-RAD SmART Image Guided Irradiator for small animals provides the most advanced and accurate treatment possibilities of any X-ray irradiator available. This is a cost effective system with tremendous capabilities in a single, compact platform.

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Cabinet Irradiators

  • x-rad 160 is the best choice for cell irradiation and biological research application

    X-RAD 160 Series

    The X-RAD 160 series are the best choices for cell irradiation and biological research applications, where high dose output, reliable performance, and low cost are essential for your lab.

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  • x-rad 225 provides uniform penetration for larger cell cultures and small animal research

    X-RAD 225 Series

    The X-RAD 225 series provide better uniform penetration than 160 kV products and are best suited for larger cell cultures and some small animal research applications.

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  • x-rad 320 is used for small animal research and great for high dose cell research

    X-RAD 320 Series

    The standard by which all others are measured. The X-RAD 320 Series is widely used around the world for Small Animal Research. Great for high dose cell research as well.

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  • x-rad 350 provides deeper dose depth uniformity allowing research on a larger biological specimen

    X-RAD 350 Series

    The new X-RAD 350 unit provides even deeper dose depth uniformity than the 320 kV products allowing research on even larger biological specimens with increased dose rates.

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  • x-rad 400/450 provides highest output and deepest uniform depth penetration. Performance like gamma irradiation.

    X-RAD 400/450 Series

    The X-RAD 450 provides the highest output and deepest uniform depth penetration of any available X-ray unit. It provides the closest performance to gamma irradiation devices without the hassles.

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  • Customize a system for your special research application, irradiation system

    X-RAD Custom Systems

    Precision X-ray will customize a system for your special research application. Our technical expertise and years of experience have advanced the capabilities of researchers around the globe to safely irradiate objects without the need of gamma sources.

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