Researchers Embrace Precision X-Ray’s Next Generation IGRT System  

Company invested $2.2 million in developing the X-RAD SmART 

System to be featured at the 15th International Congress of Radiation Research (ICRR 2015)  May 25-29, Kyoto, Japan
and the
AAPM Conference July 12-16 in Anaheim, Calif.


NORTH BRANFORD, Conn., May,  28, 2015 – Since its January launch, sales of Precision X-Ray’s (PXi’s)     X-RAD SmART (small animal radiation therapy) system have been strong according to PXi President Bill McLaughlin. The first of three systems to be delivered in Europe was installed last month at a university in Liège, Belgium. Several other units have been sold to leading North American research labs.

“PXi invested $2.2 million to develop the industry’s most advanced small animal image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system, and we are very pleased with the market’s response,” said Bill McLaughlin, president, Precision X-Ray Inc. “Researchers have told us that they like the X-RAD SmART’s advanced features and flexibility.”

X-RAD SmART provides the highest accuracy imaging combined with the highest X-ray dose rate in a single micro-IGRT platform. Researchers can image in multiple imaging modalities, plan and treat without repositioning the specimen:

Image: Fully-integrated Fluoroscopic, CT and bioluminescent imaging with flexible image fusion combine for the most advanced multi-modality image-guided therapy.

Plan: Rapid, state-of-the-art Monte Carlo treatment planningsoftware for computing complex 3D doses.

Treat: Preclinical multi-beam and multi-target 360° radiation delivery as advanced as clinical systems and adaptable for any radiation research study frommice to rabbits, and from hind leg xenografts to embedded metastatic orthotropic models.

In addition, X-RAD SmART is equipped with the following new and advanced features and options:

  • Flex cabinet design to fit any-size lab, including Plus, Standard, Compact and Custom
  • Integrated 360° EMCCD Optical/Bioluminescence Camera
  • Highest dose rate in the industry, nearly 2X higher than competing systems
  • The industry’s only cone beam CT Imaging System along longitudinal axis
  • The highest resolution imaging and irradiation ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­and,
  • A rotating animal stage for non-coplanar beam delivery.


PXi’s new X-RAD SmART system

McLaughlin added that because the X-RAD SmART platform is highly flexible, PXi has plans to add several more features to the system in the near future. For more information, go to Precision X-Ray

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