Precision X-Ray Experts to Present at 62nd Annual International Meeting of the Radiation Research Society

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn., (Oct. 6, 2016) – Precision X-Ray (PXi), the leader in small-animal cabinet irradiators and radiotherapy research systems worldwide will present in Hawaii at the 62nd Annual International Meeting of the Radiation Research Society(RRS). The RRS annual meeting is a unique platform gathering some of the brightest minds in the world to discuss recent research and technology developments that can help continue the success of radiotherapy, increase cancer survival rate and improve quality of life for survivors.

Kansas University Medical Center Adjunct Faculty Member and PXi Scientist and Consultant Dr. Rao V. L. Papineni, will present several research projects including Topical Review 16-01 “Infection and Radiation Injury Forwards a System Approach to Drug Repurposing” on Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

In addition to the Topical Review 16-01 talk, Dr. Papineni will host three presentations:

  • PS1-29 – Energy disruptor glycosylation hacker 2-deoxyglucocse, a multi-purpose cancer drug
  • PS3-33 Diseases and pathologies begin at gut and forwards a system approach to drug repurposing
  • PS8-36 – Brown adipose tissue activity in cancer and treatment (a clinical evaluation)

During the week, attendees will also discuss topics such as:

  • The use of radiation in the treatment of organ specific cancers
  • Managing adverse neurocognitive outcomes following cancer treatments
  • Treating hypoxia, inflammation and radioresistance through advancements in imagine, targeted approaches, immune and metabolic modulation
  • Origins and risks of radiogenic cancers

The 62nd meeting of RRS will be held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village located at 69-425 Waikoloa Beach Drive in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. Those seeking information on their preclinical irradiation systems, and associated radiobiological applications, should attend the presentations by Dr. Rao Papineni or visit the PXi booth.

You can also learn about all the PXi products and their impact on the cancer research landscape at

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